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Main trim practice

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Work plus practice day this Sunday.

Finally mounted the new pedestal guard. A little more time than expected, but done correctly at least. Next up, remount Wall-ee (our chartplotter) and a binnacle compass.

Jean-Ray and Brian showed up early and worked on increasing our adjustment range on the rigid vang. Roughly, we needed to completely dis-install it, then cut about 3″ off the outer rod cover in order to (hopefully) prevent it from twoblocking at max Vang. Seemed effective, but we may need a shorter tackle line.

Then spent about 4 hours under white sails, trying to get our main trim down.

Heading for Alcatraz

The frac rigged X362S is much less forgiving than the 911 and much more sensitive to correct main trim. It absolutely will not sail in a direction it’s not trimmed for. (Unlike the 911, which was a classic driver’s boat. Just point it and go and sort out the trim later. Maybe that’s why the shorthanded sailing was so successful).

The other issue with the X is that the mainsheet system is a simple (but nice) gross/fine tune tackle. No winches or other cleverness. Above 17 TWS, it’s extremely challenging to react to gusts and shifts using the gross tune. What seems to work best at that wind speed is to go traveler down and use the mainsheet fine tune to react. That worked great, though I think we may try more weight on the rail to allow us to keep the traveler up a little better.

Gary and Jon

( ^ and note the new cruiser special pedestal guard)


Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

…is how you drill holes in your yacht.


pedestal guard mounting holes

pedestal guard mounting holes

Keywords: 1/2″ drill, centerpunch, epoxy, nerves of steel.

Training runs

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Short day sail on Sunday with the new crew to introduce everyone to eachother, double-check systems for wear and breakage, and to introduce Shane B. to his new role as bowman. John S. came along to coach and drive.

Up to yellow bluff. Round. Downwind half-dozen white sail gybes. Hoist around Little Harding. Half-dozen spinnaker gybes. A couple hoists and leeward takedowns. Take care of one wrap in flukey Raccoon Straits breeze. No real sail handling issues. Getting used to the double sheeting after Shanti’s single line spinnaker handling.


  • Stickyness in main hoist. Investigate.
  • Spinnaker Pole jaw stickyness. Fresh water + McLube to fix
  • All bungee (jib tie down and block tie-ups) needs remove/replace.
  • Re-run blue reef line.
  • Vang twoblocking and bottoming out early. Need to adjust installation.
  • Brian wants sheet bags in the rear of the cockpit.

2013 Coastal Cup Practice Days

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Tentative Scheduling of Coastal Cup Practices

Sunday 4/21 – Day Sail

Saturday 4/27 – SFYC Anniversary Cup

Sunday 5/5 – Practice Sail

Saturday 5/18 – Practice Sail

Friday 5/24 – Sunday 5/26 Spinnaker Cup

Saturday 6/1 – OYRA Duxship Race

Saturday 6/8 – Coastal Cup Practice (or Delta Ditch Run)

Wednesday 6/12 – Friday June 15 Coastal Cup


Here we go again

Monday, April 15th, 2013

To-Do for Coastal Cup and Spinnaker Cup 2013


  • 2013 PHRF Cert
  • Register Coastal Cup (by May 17)
  • Submit Crew List Coastal Cup
  • Submit So Cal PHRF for adjustment
  • Register Duxship
  • Submit Crew List Duxship
  • Rent Sat Phone Coastal Cup
  • Reserve MDR Slip
  • Double-check insurance coverage area
  • Delivery skipper

Boat Work

  • Pedestal Guard
  • Remount Wall-ee
  • Mount Helm Compass
  • Replace VHF
  • Register / Mount new EPIRB
  • Running rigging
  • Install AIS
  • Double-check flare expiration date
  • 2x 2 gallon buckets with tether
  • Paper NOAA charts appropriate for the race area. For Gulf of the Farallones races at a minimum this includes 18649 and 18645.