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Sierras, Lasers, Black Widows, and Opus One

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

There’s no post that could fully describe the joy of this only-in-California combination over the Labor Day weekend.


Laser refurb

Black Widow

Opus and Heitz

Return to Long Beach

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Happened to be in Southern California for business, so I arranged to go down to Long Beach and pick up HKE up at AG and Gary’s after the LA Film Festival. Didn’t feel like hitting the George Michael concert with the rest of the Birthday celebrators, so I had a beer, a quick nap, then wandered down to Rainbow Harbor to visit my TP stomping grounds, almost exactly 1 year later.


Rainbow Harbor, LB

Weird, weird. I only spent a week of my life here, but it popped back like a bright, coppery memory from college. If that makes any sense.

Didn’t see anyone I recognized. Didn’t stay for a drink.

YRA Southbay + Summer Sailstice

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

A full day of SF sailing. Wore shorts from dock to dock, which was slightly bizaare in late June here.

Raced the YRA southbay race with the Brothers Marsh and Todd on Elusive. Pretty sure we got 4th, even though we were short-handed and about 0/8 in the smooth rounding department. Had a good start and a nice first two legs, anyways.

After the race, we ducked into Treasure Island and caught some of the “Summer Sailstice“. One thing is for sure: There is a lot of sailing (and sailors) in the bay area who are part of a completely different scene than St. Francis after j/fest. Ran into Phillip and Nicole from the j/105 Racer X and kept the vibe alive by riding the KLR up to Bolinas to watch some bluegrass at Smileys.


Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Joined SFYC as a regular member. Great club with a great racing tradition, great sailors, and great facilities.