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RIP George Olson

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

George Olson, the original builder (and frequently credited as co-designer) of the Olson 911, and of Grendel (the ur-Moore 24), has died at November 19, 2008.

Jack Frost Midwinters

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Sailed Encinal’s Jack Frost midwinters in Berkely Circle double-handed with Bob (it’s a fully crewed series, we are just being smart asses). Very light air, which was probably good, since we were a little out of practice on the controlled chaos of short-handed racing.

DNF’d the first race, ostensibly to fix our #1 Jib for the next go-round. 2nd in the next race, losing to a Tartan 10. 

This is supposed to be the series with 5 or 6 911s on the starting line, but it was just us and Elusive, both from SFYC. I like the two-short-race format, however.