Race Results

2011 Quixote race results

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2007 Shanti Summer race results

03-Mar-07 Doublehanded Lightship (6th)
07-Apr-07 Doublehanded Farallones (5th)
21-Apr-07 Duxship (3rd)
05-May-07 YRA-HDA-ODCA Vallejo I (SFL)
06-May-07 YRA-HDA-ODCA Vallejo II (DFL)
12-May-07 Northstar (DNC)
25-May-07 Spinnaker Cup (DNC)
02-Jun-07 Delta Ditch Run! (DNC)
09-Jun-07 Drakes Bay I (2nd)
09-Jun-07 Drakes Bay II (3rd)
21-Jun-07 Coastal Cup (18th)
07-Jul-07 Transpac (58th)

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