Training runs

Short day sail on Sunday with the new crew to introduce everyone to eachother, double-check systems for wear and breakage, and to introduce Shane B. to his new role as bowman. John S. came along to coach and drive.

Up to yellow bluff. Round. Downwind half-dozen white sail gybes. Hoist around Little Harding. Half-dozen spinnaker gybes. A couple hoists and leeward takedowns. Take care of one wrap in flukey Raccoon Straits breeze. No real sail handling issues. Getting used to the double sheeting after Shanti’s single line spinnaker handling.


  • Stickyness in main hoist. Investigate.
  • Spinnaker Pole jaw stickyness. Fresh water + McLube to fix
  • All bungee (jib tie down and block tie-ups) needs remove/replace.
  • Re-run blue reef line.
  • Vang twoblocking and bottoming out early. Need to adjust installation.
  • Brian wants sheet bags in the rear of the cockpit.

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