The Islander 30 was a below-the-radar boat. I had a pretty long list of boats that I thought would be nice, but the Islander never made it onto that list until we found one for sale.

Designed by Bob Finch and built here in California, the I30 is the epitome of the “plastic classic” from the 1970s boatbuilding revolution. Well constructed, decent sailor, no extremes in design or construction. The hull is solid hand-laid glass, the interior is teak, and it sports 8 Barient and Barlow winches on the deck, cabin-top, mast, and boom. She’s got an Atomic Four, and the main (which we hoisted in the pouring rain to check out) seems to be in the solid “OK” category.

This particular boat has the unfortunate name of “Gypsea”. The Kevin/Bob-Shana/Jon/ tradition of keeping boat names might be ending here.


Here she is, all cleaned up.

One Response to “Gypsea”

  1. shana says:

    She’s a beaut! Welcome to the Three Corners/Tres Esquinas/Drei Ecken/Troi Coins/Tre Angoli YC (will we be Four Corners now or just VSCG YC?)!! Sweeeet!

    There is an open spot next to us at the Alameda Marina should Eb want to be our neighbor.

    Ask Bob about the Barlow winches – he has an Australian connection, a hard copy of the manual, and has fashioned a “Barlow tool” to open them up for tuning.

    The best part is, Eb will be staying a bit longer (I hope). 🙂

    The next round is on us.

    Peace Out, Shana