j/30 North Americans 2009

Just back from sailing as foredeck at the 2009 j/30 North American championships in Westport Connecticut. For the second year in a row, we took 1st in the championship. This year we sailed the 5 race series in varied (mostly light) conditions to a (2), 1, 1, 2, 1 record. Which makes us 2-time North American champions, apparently…

We also won the best amatuer crew trophy, which is always a nice addition when there are pros on the course in other boats.

Of course the credit goes to Bengt, the owner-driver who prepped the boat (holy cow untouchable upwind speed), got the crew together (6-out-of-7 owner/skippers aboard), and drove a flawless race (4-for-5 nailing the starts).

What a great crew.

Everyone here is talking about shrinkwrapping their boats for the winter—making me very happy about our 12 month California sailing calendar!

Team Fuzzy Wuzzy

Tactical computer
FW Tactical Computer

Tactics, helm, trim
Tactics, Helm, Trim 2

Olson 911 owners slumming
Who let the O911 sailors into this club?!

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