Cedar Point One Design

Flew back east to race with Jerry on Bengt Johansson’s j/30 “Fuzzy Wuzzy” in the Cedar Point One Design regatta in Westport Connecticut.

This regatta was the east coast regional championships, with 5 races over 2 days. We had a great weekend of sailing, and won the event with (3), 1, 1, 2, 1.


Their program was really well put together and very “pro” on the course. As Jerry pointed out, it was 5 skippers out of a crew of 7. At first that seems like a recipe for conflicting opinions and chatter, but in reality, there was virtually no talk amongst the crew between the warning gun and the finish line.

The 4th race had the most exciting finish of my racing career. We were putting a lot of pressure on the #2 boat about two lengths before the finish line—very close racing in 30-footers—and they mistakenly luffed us up too far. Bam, a tight gybe behind them, maybe a handswidth between our bow and their stern, and then all of a sudden, we are over the line. Absolutely unbeliveable tactics—total “psychological” sailing.

Here’s hoping I can make it back for the NA’s.


credit: photoboat

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