SSB blues

Good news and frustrating news on the SSB front. After extensive research, I think I can get away without mounting an external (i.e. SLOW) sintered plate on the outside of the hull. No less an authority than Gordon West recommends “starting simple” with the groundplane. That’s a relief.

But I’m having trouble finding a used SSB/tuner that works for me. I looked at an SGC powertalk 2000 yesterday. Super-nice people selling it, so none of the usual electronics-on-ebay worries. But the web is overflowing with SGC horror stories. Anyways, the seller couldn’t find the tuner, which I need. I made an offer, assuming she finds the tuner, and we’ll see if I end up with an SGC.

The other option is a used “mobile” ham rig, like a Kenwood TS50. Which has some type-acceptance issues, and the usual should-I-buy-a-used-radio heartburn.

Time is running out on this one.

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